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In the plane

April 04, 2024 — R.A. te Boekhorst

Yesterday we arrive at about 16pm in Frankfurt. Before doing anything else, we treated ourselves to a cappuchine and a peace of Rhabarber-cake near the main station.


As we were asked to also add some less lovely pictures (especially about architecture) we decided to take some pictures of some pidgeons.


In the eventing we visited the italian restaurant Da Claudio. They had some very tasty pasta. The owner of the restaurant had been a cook for a long time and had decided to try and capture his experience into writing. He wrote two books about cooking, but especially the one book titled "Fisch macht sexy" (fish makes you sexy), made us grab to our purses... in the end we decided to leave it, it would have been a good present though.

We stayed the night as Riekes. She has an amazing guestroom! It even had a bath, which Rafal immediatly used that night. But before that we also met Riekes house-mates. Especially the new house-mate, who will have his first birthday in about half a year, was very cute.

The next day we had a very nice breakfast and left about 10 o clock in the morning. After sum running around on the ariport, we could finally get to our seats in a Boeing at around 13:30. Economy class :). Now were floating in the air, somewhere above Island ...